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A Sign of Life

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Cameroon - Douala - Andre Daniel Owona, 31, (pictured here) met Yannick, 35, in 2013, in Niger, in an travel agency, He had been in Niger for one month and had run out of money to continue his trip. Yannick, another Cameroonian, befriended him and paid for his expenses until Oran, in Algeria, where the two parted. Yannick went to Morocco, Andre came back to Cameroon after a few weeks, without even trying to get to Europe. “Nevertheless, it is an adventure that forges relationships. With Yannick, during the trip in the desert, it was as if we were part of the same family.” <br />
After separating, Yannick and Andre kept in touch via Facebook for several years. Eight months ago, Yannick told Andre he was going to Libya to try crossing the Mediterranean and get to the Italian island of Lampedusa. Andre has never heard back from him and is worried that something might have happened to him. “I miss him”, he says. “I want to know if he achieved his dream or not.”