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A Sign of Life

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Cameroon - Yaoundé - "It's 7 months now since I heard from him the last time. There are a lot of people dying along the route I am getting worried." he explains in relieve. Ngamia has not yet summoned the courage to tell the news to his sister and parents. "I have to prepare them to the eventuality that he might be dead" he continues, controlling his emotions. "The last thing I know is that he was in Libya. Communicating from there is very difficult, so he might well be still there, alive."<br />
Yves Ngamia (pictured here) and his siblings know very well what it means to "leave for the adventure". It was this 34-year-old man who opened the route for the others, trying to reach Europe few years ago. "When I came back after several failures, my elder brother was angry at me. 'You didn't have the guts to continue', he used to tell me." After his, his 31-year-old sister managed to get to Germany, where she is now living, while his elder brother, 37-year-old Atyame Levi Maginot Colens, left Cameroon in December 2014.