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Death Metal, Indonesia

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Indonesia - Bangka Island - Pemali - Asram Somat, 30 sitting in the living room of his house next to his wife Linda, 29 and his children Nabila, 7 and Irfan 4. His house is attached to his workshop, where his workers process and dry the tin, before selling it to the independent smelters. A friendly 30-year-old man from the village of Pemali and father of two kids, Somat is one of the several middlemen buying tin from illegal miners through an array of private collectors. Somat processes and sells around three tons of tin concentrate per week to some of the independent smelters, at an average price of 16 USD per kilo. While his business is regularly licenced, Somat pays 1,000,000 IDR (around 100 USD) per month to the police to avoid problems.