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Far from Home, Nepal

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Nepal - Meghauli - Bhupendra Malla Thakuri, 32 and his wife Manju Malla, 24 having a walk in their corn fields, in the Central district of Chitwan. In June 2011 Thakuri received a permanent injury in a car accident while he was working as a driver in Qatar. It took him more than two years of legal battles to receive a compensation of 33,500 USD. During this period, Thakuri didn't receive any salary, surviving thanks to the help of his co-workers, who secretly fed and hosted him in their labour camp. Thakuri will never be able to walk properly again, tend his field or do any manual job. He is now thinking about setting up a small shop in Meghauli, but he is afraid this will not be enough to feed his wife and three children.