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Far from Home, Nepal

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Nepal - Kathmandu - Him Kumari Yongan, 25, breasfeeding  her 3-year-old child Noshan Tamang in a guesthouse close to Kathmandu Airport. Yongan's husband, 26-year-old Narabaj Tamang, died last March due to an acute respiratory failure in Qatar, where he had been employed as a glass cleaner, instead of security guard as stated in the contract he signed in Nepal. Tamang had left his country 21 months before, quitting his post of English teacher in a government school where he was earning a little more than 30 dollars per month. Now, Yongan will have to find a way to provide for his kid. “I have no idea what to do now” she says in despair. “We just have a small piece of farmland to sustain ourselves”.