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Far from Home, Nepal

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Nepal - Kathmandu - Dinesh Kumar Bastola, 35, in his house at Pepsi-Cola neighbourhood in Kathmandu. After having worked in Dubai and Malaysia for a total of three years and four months, at the start of 2014 Bastola moved to Qatar, where he was promised to work as an electrician helper. After two months and 19 days without receiving any payment, he complained with the Qatari company he was employed in. Bastola was immediately fired and managed to get only his return ticket to Kathmandu paid. He never received the money due to him. Now he works as a plastic bags salesman, trying to repay the 1,000-USD-loan he has taken to go to Qatar. “I would prefer to remain in Nepal, but if I will have to go back abroad to work, I hope it will be with a good company this time” he says.