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Far from Home, Nepal

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Nepal - Kathmandu - A worker resting in the guesthouse where most of them stay before departing. Most of them are from the Therai region and don't know when exactly they will leave so they come to Kathmandu and stay there for a few days until they are given the flight ticket for their final destination. According to UN figures, 7,2 million Nepalis work abroad (4 millions of them in India). Half of them are undocumented, 1700 migrant workers leave Nepal every day, 2/3 dead bodies arrive at Kathmandu airport every day. According to the World Bank, in 2013 Nepal received more than 5 billion USD in remittances from abroad. This constitutes 24.7 percent of the GDP, the third highest percentage in the world after Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. A third of all Nepali households, and 35% of rural households, have at least one member working and living abroad. 24.8 percent of Nepalis still live under the poverty line. Nepali GDP per capita (PPP) stands at 1,102 USD, the twentieth lowest in the world. Since 1971, Nepal has been classified as one of the 48 least developed countries by the UN.