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Far from Home, Nepal

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Nepal - Kathmandu - Abodh Bandal, 22, arrives at the Gaushala bus station in Kathmandu in order to catch the bus which will take him back to his village of Prakomoha, in the Eastern district of Dhanusha. Bandal has just come back from Qatar, where he worked for four years as a construction worker. Although he was paid only 165 USD per month instead of the promised 220, he decided to stay in Qatar anyway in order to repay the 1,200-USD-loan he had taken. “At the end of the day, I couldn't save much”, he says honestly. Despite the disappointment, Bandal plans to return abroad soon to keep on maintaining his parents and sibling. “This time I will try to go to Dubai” he says. “I will never go back to Qatar again”.