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I Will Find You

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Spain - Elche - Portrait of María José Picó Robles, 57. For decades María José Picó Robles thought she was a lucky woman. She was alive while her twin sister, who had only lived three days back in 1962, was buried in a common grave in Alicante. “Now I think I’m lucky because I had the chance to grow up with my parents”, she explains. “I wonder what kind of life my sister had”.Picó Robles thinks about her every day. Back at the time many girls were adopted by middle-aged couples so that they could look after them when they aged. Some were ill-treated and humiliated by their adoptive relatives, who didn’t consider them part of the family. “She might be having a terrible time, just because someone decided for her”, worries Picó Robles.After two unfruitful exhumations carried out between 2012 and 2013 - no rests of the baby were found - and given the absence of documents related to Picó Robles’s sister at the hospital and the civil registry, the case was archived by the public prosecutor’s office of Alicante for lack of evidence.