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I Will Find You

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Spain - Catarroja - Portrait of Práxedes Maxía Piqueras , 56. Práxedes Maxía Piqueras, 56, weeps uncontrollably while caressing the doll she had made for her daughter Jessica. “I still have a little dress I had sewn for my baby”, she adds, gulping down some tranquillisers to compose herself. “To come back from the hospital alone was the toughest thing I had to endure”. Jessica was born on the 23rd of August 1982 at the Hospital Sanjurjo, in Valencia. She supposedly died ten hours later because of several malformations, and was buried in a municipal common grave.  “According to the medical reports my daughter was a monster, but when I held her on my lap she was perfectly fine!”, continues Maxía Piqueras, with a desperate voice. “She had marvellous blue eyes and hair so blonde as if they had been dyed in saffron”. In 2013, Maxía Piqueras camped for 68 days in front of Valencia’s main square, enchained, in order to press the authorities for the exhumation of her supposed daughter. Her case was dismissed a few weeks later.