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I Will Find You

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Spain - Banyoles - Portrait of Joan Beamonte Isern, 53. Beamonte Isern was 6 when he saw his father for the last time, in 1973. The son of a single parent, he was being raised in the outskirts of Barcelona by his paternal grandmother at that time, as his father had just fallen ill of cancer. His grandmother was struggling to take care of both, so the family’s doctor advised her to put the boy into a private college, where he would be taken care of. Beamonte Isern stayed there for two months and received visits from his family every weekend. One day, without notice, he was taken away by a stranger and brought to a hospice for abandoned children. “It was like a prison for juveniles. Food was terrible and the elder ones would harass me in every way”, he recalls. “I stayed there only a few weeks, but they were the worst of my life”.