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I Will Find You

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Spain - Matalascañas - Portrait of José Enrique Olivert Ibáñez, 54. José Enrique Olivert Ibáñez can assert to have been stolen with certainty. To the many victims entangled in decades of doubts, legal battles and frustrating dead ends when it comes to locate their missing ones, it looks like a peculiar, rare ‘privilege’.A 54-year-old musician, Olivert Ibáñez lives in the Southern beach town of Matalascañas, more than 1,000 kms away from the biological family he was able to reunite with in 2012. Born at the end of May 1965 in a hospital in Bilbao, he was separated from his mother a few days later, when a nun discovered that she and Olivert Ibáñez’s father were not married. The woman was dismissed from the hospital with an excuse and chased away when she came back to see her baby. Frustrated, she gave up after a few days, but always kept hope her son was alive. No one ever told her if the baby had died or not.Olivert Ibáñez was transferred to a foundling house and eventually adopted by a couple from the South of Spain who could not have kids and thought the adoption was legal. The adoptive mother was shown two kids and asked “Which one do you want?”. She chose the one who looked more similar to her husband, but the episode and the shameless trafficking it suggested marked her forever.