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I Will Find You

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Spain - Santa Susanna - Portrait of Clara Alfonsa Reinoso, 47. Clara Alfonsa Reinoso had just turned 15 when, on the 18th of June 1987, she gave birth to what she was told was a baby boy at the Institut Dexeus, a top-notch private clinic in Barcelona. The girl came from a troubled family - her mother was a prostitute, her father a heavy-drinker and violent man -  and the local Juvenile Court had just taken legal custody of her and her 9 siblings. Reinoso had spent the previous weeks in a shelter for vulnerable pregnant women, where she had been brought to by a woman who had identified herself as a social worker. On the day of the delivery, the young mothers left the shelter and was put on a taxi a given two tranquilliser pills. She doesn’t remember entering the clinic and given birth. “I was probably sedated”, she explains. “When I woke up afterwards and asked for my baby, a female doctor told me the boy was too small and didn’t make it”. Reinoso never asked to see the corpse. “I believed what the doctor had just told me”, she continues. “She was holding my hand and wiping away my tears as I couldn’t stop crying”. <br />
On the 10th of May 2013, she received a phone call from a psychologist from the Government of Catalunya who asked her if, on June 1987, she had given birth to a baby. Reinoso confirmed and told him the boy had died. “It wasn’t a boy and he didn’t die. Your daughter is alive and she is looking for you”, he replied. Reinoso collapsed to the ground, overwhelmed and dizzy.