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I Will Find You

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Spain - Bilbao - Míriam Oyarzabal Payo, 51. Oyarzabal Payo’s discovered she had been adopted when she was 7 - another girl, the daughter of a local hairdresser,  bluntly revealed it to her in the street. Oyarzabal Payo cried so much that her adoptive parents didn’t send her to school for two days. Accordingly to what her adoptive mother told her, she had been left at an orphanage by her biological mother when she was two-day-old and given to her adoptive parents two months later. What she found in her documents decades later - including two baptisms certificates, one of them forged - tell another story.The irregularities she discovered in her documents have permanently affected the relationship with her adoptive mother, whom she now refers to as “that lady”. “Nowadays people buy dogs, at that time they used to buy children”, she says bitterly. “To be abandoned by your mother is hard, but to be taken away from her for money is even worse”.