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I Will Find You

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Spain - Borriana - Portait of Montse Costa Roig, 62. Montse Costa Roig’s baby was born on the 6th of July 1984 at the Clínica Quinta de Salud - La Alianza, in Barcelona, but being premature he needed an incubator and had therefore been transferred to another hospital, La Maternidad. The mother kept visiting her newborn daughter every day for the following two weeks. It wasn’t easy to distinguish her through the glass window of the special-care baby unit - Costa Roig couldn’t see her face. All she could tell was that she looked small and dark-haired, very different from her first son.On the morning of the 27th of July 1984, Roig had to renew her ID card and was slightly late. When she arrived at the hospital, a doctor told her the baby had suffered an irreversible cerebral haemorrhage. Even if he pulled through, he would be permanently affected. The baby died within 24 hours. He was wrapped in a shroud and buried four days later.