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I Will Find You

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Spain - Pamplona - Portrait of María Teresa Quintana, 36. “My poor little baby who is about to be born, if only you knew how sad I am when I think about what I am about to do to you… I cannot keep you, not because of my parents, or for lack of money, but because I don’t want you… Your parents will love you more than anyone else, and certainly more than me…” This anonymous text, typewritten on an ordinary sheet of paper and titled “Don’t cry, you will be fine”, was shown to María Teresa Quintana 11 years ago by her adoptive parents. It had been handed out to them by the nuns at the Clínica de la Milagrosa, Madrid, where Quintana was born in November 1982, and had supposedly been written by her biological mother. “When I read it, I couldn’t stop crying”, recounts Quintana, nowadays an strong-willed woman of 36. She only wanted to know something about her origins and she didn’t expect to find such a heartless message, so crude and insensitive that her adoptive mother had refrained from showing it to her for all those years.