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I Will Find You

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Spain - Madrid - Portrait of Soledad Luque Delgado, 54. Soledad Luque Delgado, a 54-year-old, soft-spoken academic and leader of a niños robados association in Madrid, grew up feeling the inner absence of her twin. Whether in her thoughts or in her plays, Francisco was always beside her. “I remember making paper airplanes with his name”, she recalls tenderly. “My siblings and I would launch them in the wind, so that they could reach him in the skies”. Luque Delgado never imagined her brother could have been stolen, but when she and her elder sister started investigating in 2010 to look for clear evidence of his death, they found none. Francisco’s death certificate states he had been buried, not incinerated; he appears to be in a Catholic cemetery, but the boy had never been baptised; there’s no medical report of the birth, and the hospital log’s pages matching the date when Francisco and her sister were born had been torn off. It took Luque Delgado almost a year to accept the new reality. It was a gruelling, solitary journey. “I had the feeling of living in a parallel reality. I had always mourned a dead, not a missing person, and the two sensations are completely different”, she explains. “Someone took my brother away and decided we couldn’t grow up together. They haven’t just stolen babies, but entire lives”.