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I Will Find You

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Spain - Vacarisses - Portait of Oscar Luis Romero Lomas, 53 and Montserrat Roldan Perdigones, 50. In 1987, Oscar Luis Romero Lomas and Montserrat Roldan Perdigones were expecting their first baby. Roldan Perdigones was 18 and had undergone several prenatal check-ups, including two ultrasounds that had detected nothing anomalous.The baby was born in the early morning of the 28th of July 1987 at the Hospital Vall d’Hebron, in Barcelona. Roldan Perdigones was being assisted by a woman - she doesn’t know if she was a midwife or a nurse - who took away the baby as soon as he was born. The mother only had him on her lap during the cut of the umbilical cord - the baby looked hairy and small. Oscar Luis Romero Lomas was waiting downstairs and had no news about the delivery. Around 6 in the morning, a doctor told him the baby was sick - he was diagnosed with diaphragmatic hernia - and urgently needed surgery. The operation went well, but the baby never recovered. He gradually lost pulse until he died 29 hours later, with Romero Lomas constantly on his side.Only after the baby had died the two parents had the chance to finally be reunited and understand what had happened. The mother had not seen the baby after delivery and the father had not seen him at birth, but according to the two recounts the baby who had undergone surgery - and who was later given to the couple for burial - looked much bigger than the one the mother had given birth to.