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I Will Find You

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Spain - Lekunberri - Portait of Estefania Erro Tellechea, 71 and her son Pedro, 46. Erro Tellechea was born and bred in Lekunberri, a small mountain village in the region of Navarra. In 1969 she was 21, and was expecting her first baby. The family had a trusted gynaecologist who lived in a nearby village and had already assisted Erro Tellechea’s elder sisters. They had all given birth at a private clinic in Pamplona where the doctor operated, but when Erro Tellechea was about to deliver he unexpectedly advised her to go to Virgen del Camino, a public hospital, where he would personally supervise her delivery.When Erro Tellechea arrived at the hospital in the morning of the 29th of July 1969, she wasn’t brought to the communal maternity ward like all the other mothers, but to a small private room where her relatives were not allowed to enter.Erro Tellechea gave birth that same night. She just had time to see the baby being wrapped in a sheet and taken away by the nurses - she was immediately sedated and fell into a deep sleep. When she woke up hours later, with her throat dry and swollen, a nurse told her her daughter had been born dead.