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I Will Find You

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Spain - Huelva - Portrait of Esperanza Ornedo Mulero, 48. Ornedo Mulero is looking for her sister, born on the 23rd of March 1968 at the local Manuel Lois Hospital. Her mother managed to get a glimpse of the baby before a midwife took him away. One hour later, a man in a white gown entered the room. Without identifying himself he curtly said the baby had died, and gave no further explanation. The father was later shown a bundle wrapped in gauze - the baby had already been prepared for the burial. <br />
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Although her parents are still alive, Ornedo Mulero has decided to take the search upon herself. “My mother already told me several times to leave it all, because we will never achieve anything, but I don’t see it as a sacrifice”, she explains. “Nothing forces me to continue, and I know I will get to the end anyway. Finding my sister is a necessity to me as well”.