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I Will Find You

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Spain - Ursubil - Portrait of Flor Diaz Carrasco, 57. Flor Diaz Carrasco’s mother never liked to talk about Jesus, the newborn she had lost in 1967. The doctors at the Hospital Municipal in La Línea de la Concepción had told her the baby was born dead, but the mother clearly remembered him crying right after birth. “She always refused to visit his grave”, recounts Diaz Carrasco. “‘There’s nothing inside there’, she used to say”.When the mother finally died in 2006, the rest of the family decided to exhume the baby’s remains and bury the two together. But at the cemetery of La Línea de la Concepción there was no record of him, and the caretaker was adamant no-one could have been buried without having been registered first. All the family could find about Jesus was the hospital’s entry log. The mother had indeed given birth, but there was no indication the baby had ever died. Already skeptical of her brother’s mysterious disappearance, Diaz Carrasco recalled another odd story her mother used to tell. When Diaz Carrasco herself was born in 1962, her mom’s belly was so prominent that everyone was expecting twins. Yet Diaz Carrasco came out alone and “as tiny as a little rabbit”, her mother - who had been sedated during delivery - used to say. Diaz Carrasco also solicited the 1962 hospital’s entry log, which clearly showed her mother had given birth to a girl and a boy. “To this day, no-one can certify my brothers are dead”, she explains.