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I Will Find You

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Spain - Guardamar del Segura - Portait of María Vega Martinez Loza, 77. The penetrating gaze of Maria Vega Martinez Loza, 77, burns with fury as she stares at her husband. The man stands in front of her, head down, unable to look back at his wife.  The table separating the two is covered with papers documenting the suspicious death of their twins. “I do think our kids were stolen, but a lot of time has passed”, says the man, breaking the uncomfortable silence with a weak voice. “With the few evidence we have, it is like finding a needle in a haystack”. “They are your sons, Javier. Don’t you want to find them?”, replies Martinez Loza matter-of-factly. “How can I succeed without your help? Aren’t you ashamed to leave this burden to me alone?” The man falls silent, guilty and visibly embarrassed. In almost 50 years, this is only the second time the couple has spoken about what happened on the 9th of October 1970.