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I Will Find You

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Spain - Isla Cristina - Portrait of Lourdes Rodriguez Figuereo, 43. Lourdes Rodriguez Figuereo’s, 43, is one of Spain’s most recent niños robados cases.On the 15th of October 2001, Rodriguez Figuereo gave birth to two identical twins, Alejandro and Ivan,  at the Infanta Elena hospital, in Huelva. According to what the hospital personnel told the family, Ivan was born dead. Rodriguez Figuereo’s mother was the only person to see both babies, and she later told her daughter they didn’t look alike. Rodriguez Figuereo and her partner wanted to bury Ivan, but they were told this would cost around 3.000 euros. Since the couple, who work as cleaner and fisherman, didn’t have all that money, the hospital took care of the burial in a common grave, so they were told.