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Ie Beuna - The Mother Wave

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Indonesia – Sumatra – Aceh – Meulaboh – Teuku Dadek, 46-year-old sub-district head of Meulaboh, a tsunami survivor himself, had to deal with the emergency. With the help of international aid, local authorities embarked in a massive assistance program: rice warehouses were emptied to feed the people, while tents and temporary shelters had to be set up to host the displaced. Moreover, the tsunami had damaged the sewage and water pipes, rendering the water system unusable . “The coastal road to Banda Aceh had been completely destroyed” he continues. “The Army had to open a temporary one by literally clearing the jungle”. Now protected by a barrier made up of thousands of sandbags, supposed to stop the coastal abrasion by the ocean. According to locals, in the past 60 years the coast has receded by 2 kms.