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Ie Beuna - The Mother Wave

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Indonesia – Sumatra – Banda Aceh – Lampaseh – 49-year-old Yusnida looks at the remains of  a villa destroyed by the tsunami where she was stranded for a few minutes between the second and the third wave before the stream brought her to the open sea. An oyster collector and the mother of three children, two of whom were killed by the waves, Yusnida spent almost twelve hours at sea during the tsunami, floating thanks to a pair of plastic containers under her armpits. She was collected in the evening by some fishermen, who gave her clothes and brought her to a nearby hospital, where she spent the following six months recovering from several injuries. Yusnida was able to return to her new house two years after the tsunami, only to find the atmosphere of the village dramatically changed. The thousands of people who died had been replaced by several newcomers, who Yusnida felt could never understand the tragedy of what had happened. “In the first year after the tsunami I used to ask myself 'Why did I survive? Wasn't it better to go together with my sons?'