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Ie Beuna - The Mother Wave

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Indonesia – Sumatra – Aceh - Suak Indrapuri – Masyudin, 54-years-old standing next to his seaside house, less than 30 meters away from the sea. “Fifty years ago, the sea was two kilometres away” he says in awe. But the constant coastal abrasion and the 2004 tsunami have eaten so much land, that the entire village has to be protected by a sea wall of sandbags and concrete. “If I could, I would relocate to another village far from the sea. But I have no choice, my land is here” he continues. A former fisherman, Masyudin lost his entire family in the tsunami: his wife, three children, one sister-in-law and a nephew. While his house and family were swept out by the wavers, Masyudin managed to save himself by climbing on the roof of the local market. When he went back home, only two buildings were still standing and corpses were everywhere.