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Ie Beuna - The Mother Wave

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Indonesia – Sumatra – Aceh – Calang – Kamisari, 59-year-old taxi driver.  Kamisari lost his wife, two sons and three sisters-in-law in the tsunami, escaping death by the skin of his teeth. The water hit him while he was renovating the village mosque, bringing him into open sea. There, the man swam for hours, in the vain attempt to reach the coastline. The first aid and ration foods arrived only four days later, forcing more than 400 survivors to feed on fruits and coconuts for more than 36 hours. Few days after the tsunami, one of Kamisari's sons announced him his death by visiting him in his dream. The bodies of his previous family members were never retrieved. “I think about them when I go to the sea. I think they are buried there” he says with a peaceful and resigned smile.