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Ie Beuna - The Mother Wave

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Indonesia – Sumatra – Aceh – Lampuuk – Sabri Rahman, 34 years old sits under the shade of a small gazebo with his daughter on the beach where he owns a bar.  Sabri was on the porch of his house when the wave carried him several km away. Hours later when the water receded and Rahman came back to a scene of utter devastation, he started to frantically look for his family. The then 24-year-old guy volunteered to gather, pile up and bury hundreds of bodies, but was not able to find any member of his family, because most of the bodies had been pushed km away. Rahman lost 22 relatives, including his parents and six of his siblings. His 9-year-old brother was the only other survivor. “It was extremely difficult to deal with my feelings” he explains. Although his kids helped him deal with the pain, “ I still have to keep myself busy in order not to think about it” he says, fondly caressing his daughter Sasqia.