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Into the Future

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Spain - Rambla de oria - Detail of the kitchen of an abandoned farmhouse. <br />
The phenomenon of rural depopulation that Spain has been suffering for decades has social, cultural and economic impacts, but also environmental ones. One of the consequences suffered by the so-called “emptied Spain” is the loss of traditional agricultural, livestock and forestry activities, respectful of nature and which represent a sustainable way of producing food and other goods while contributing to mitigating climate change. and conserve biodiversity.<br />
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In their place, industrial megaprojects appear that contaminate everything around them, such as macro farms with tens of thousands of animals and tons of slurry or enormous areas of crops and their chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, the abandonment of certain activities such as grazing causes the bushes to flood the mountains, making them much more vulnerable to fires, which are increasingly intense and difficult to control due to climate change.