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Merchants of Illusions, Romania

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Romania - Timisoara - Krina looks out from the window of her apartement. Krina, 25, is the longest-serving and the most representative camgirl at Live Cams Mansion. She joined the studio three years ago, after coming to Timisoara from her original village near the city of Constanta, in South-East Romania. Krina loves kickboxing, dreams of being a TV presenter and is currently trying to save enough money to set up her own business. “Before I was working as a life insurer in a bank and it didn't feel good” she explains. “Camming for me it's like acting, I like role plays.”<br />
Krina sees herself as the “psychologist” of her customers. “Hearing their sad stories doesn't affect me right away, but I am sure it influences my subconscious and my life” she explains. On the other side, the job has helped her in becoming less judgemental and in reading people. “I can quickly understand the type of client I have in front of me” she explains. “It's all about taking control of the conversation, how you can communicate and how far you are willing to go.”