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Merchants of Illusions, Romania

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Romania - Timisoara - Domina Monserrat performing for a client in her room at the Live Cams Mansion. Driven by an undisguised passion for Italy and big brands like Gucci, Prada, Dior and Chanel, Domina Monserrat, 25, is a fetish mistress and the only camgirl in the studio who never undresses or perform sexual shows. “I would never be able to do what the other girls here do” she explains. “If I did it, how could I expect my slaves to obey me?”<br />
Domina caters for all the types of slave customers, from those who want to be insulted for the small dimension of their penises to those who want to be blackmailed, tortured or put in castity. She even has Muslim clients she forces to eat pork or curse Allah.<br />
Although the main reason for her doing this job is money, Domina likes it because it also reflects her personality. “I am thinking about quitting and becoming a mistress in real life” she continues. “It will be my next step, I am getting bored of camming.”