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Sand Dreams

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Morocco - Ouarzazate - Naceur Oujri, 68, portrayed together with his wife, Fatima el Ghazlani, 58, in their house located in the Kasbah Taourirt of Ouarzazate. Oujri first appeared as an extra in 1962 blockbuster Lawrence of Arabia and later became the personal assistant in Morocco of Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini, earning a brief role in his 1967 movie Oedhipus Rex.  Since then he has appeared in countless movies and has recently been recognized as an official actor in Morocco. “The most fun I had was in 2000, when they shot Rules of Engagement” a movie set in Yemen and starring Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones. “The production had to hire the whole Kasbah in order to stage an attack against the American embassy in Sana'a. Hundreds of us attacked it, while the US Army was firing missiles and bombs at us” he remembers laughing.