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Sold For a Handful of Sugar, Cambodia

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Cambodia - Kampong Speu Province -  Tep Morn, 58, standing on the main road, a few meters away from her house, where trucks run every few minutes transporting sugarcane from the plantations to the factory, she comes from Trang Tbain. “The company took my land without even informing me. We went to protect our fields, we were brandishing knives and shovels. I even tried to stop the tractors from going on my field, to no avail”. A mother of eight kids, Tep lost her land in 2011, and was given a 50x60 metres plot as a compensation. According to her, her previous land was much bigger, and the new one is not suitable to grow rice. “I don't even cultivate there, the land is stony” she complains. Her previous land, now converted in sugar plantation, is just 300 metres away. “I feel pain everytime I see it”, she says in despair.