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Sold For a Handful of Sugar, Cambodia

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Cambodia - Kampong Speu Province - Traditional wooden house inhabited by labourers. Cambodia - Kampong Speu Province - Female labourers take care of their children after returning home from the sugarcane plantations where they have been working all day. Labourers work 10 hours a day to earn 2 USD per day. Today, 92 percent of Cambodian sugar production is exported to the European Union, making it by far the main client of this questionable trade. From 2007 to 2011, the period when most of the sugar plantations were set up, Cambodian sugar export revenues rose from 66,000 to almost 14 million USD, 13 of which came from Europe thanks to a preferential trade agreement.According to local NGOs, since 2006 at least 3,500 Cambodian families have been forcibly evicted from their land to make room for sugar plantations.