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Sold For a Handful of Sugar, Cambodia

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Cambodia - Kampong Speu Province - Chei Reoun, 35, and her mother Hai Morn, 64 standing in the sugarcane plantation where they work daily as labourers. They both come from Kork. In 2010, they were both stripped of their land. Chei was forced to accept a compensation of 70,000 riel (around 17 USD) for 1,5 hectares of land, after the commune chief warned her that the company would have taken her land with or without her consent. “With the plantation, they told us that the work would have knocked at our door. It is true, but the work is just about sweating and cutting all day long” she complains. While Chei is still able to pay for the school fees of her three children, she is growing worried about their future. “Without land, they will grow poorer and poorer” she says.