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The Dark Side of Tea, India

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India – West Bengal: Fulanti Ahir, 60, is a retired tea garden worker at Red Bank Tea Estate, in the Dooars region. Ahir started working in the tea gardens when she was 11, together with her parents. “At that time, everything was good. We had enough money, clothes and rations” she remembers fondly. Since the tea garden closed permanently in 2013, she has been forced to stonecrush at the nearby Diana river in order to survive. <br />
Five years ago, when the tea garden was closed, her 30 year old son Krisha Ahir decided to emigrate in order to support his one-year-old son and his aging parents. He was supposed to go to the city of Hariana to work in a poultry farm, but soon after he reached there he disappeared. His parents haven't had any news of him for the past four years.