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The Secret War, Laos

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Laos - A drawing representing one of the worse and scariest days Kampuang lived during the war. For 3 hours the US planes bombed the fields where he was working with two other farmers. “I hate Americans to this date. They bombed, burned and destroyed everything. If their President was here, I would slap him in the face”. A former professor of French from the village of Nyot Ngeum, 84-year-old Kampuang Dalaseng lived under the American bombardments for five years. Exhausted and demoralized, in 1969 Dasaleng and his family fled to Vietnam, embarking on a one-month-walk only four days after his wife had delivered her second baby. They were able to come back only in 1975. “The only way the US can make amends is to clear all the bombs left, build roads, schools and hospitals” he says.