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Where Women Rule

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India - Manipur - Imphal - A vendor walks in the aisle early in the morning before the stalls are open. Youngs boys are paid to sleep in the market at night to make sure that goods are not stolen during night hours.<br />
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The market and its mother played a fundamental role in shaping Manipur’s modern identity. In 1904, the Imas were the first to rebel against the British, opposing the coercion of their husbands for the reconstruction of a burnt bungalow. Women shut down the market for a whole week, bringing more than 5,000 people on the streets and forcing the colonial administration to backtrack. In 1939, angered at the British policy of exporting local rice to other parts of India, they confronted the army once again. Barehanded, many sustained serious injuries and imprisonment. The Anishuba Nupilan (or “second women’s war”) became one of Manipur’s landmark historical moments and is commemorated every 12th of December at a specially-built memorial.