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Where Women Rule

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India - Manipur - Imphal - Akoijam Kalpana Chanu, 34 years old. From Tera Yengkhom Leirak, in Imphal. They work under a woman who owns the stall, they are paid daily. She gets 300 rupees per day. She has been working in this for the past ten years. Earlier it was mandatory that only married women were in the market, but now, in order to support the financial situation for a family, they want to earn their pocket money and not rely financially on the family. She must been the very first  unmarried woman working in the market. There are some other, but she was the first one. She wish to have her personal stall in the future, but no one is willing to sell her stall, plus she hasn’t saved that amount of money, because it’s gonna be in the lakhs (the price for a stall). She would like to stay here in the market, not in a shop. Because they went through the hard beginnings, they gained the trust of the other women…