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India - Manipur - Imphal - Oinam Victoria 48 years old, from Langthabal Awang Leikai.We put incense on top of bananas, to chase away evil spirits and keep the business profitable for the entire day. She has been working here for three years. It’s her mother in law’s place, she inherited it. When there is a funeral or a marriage, when we have to (have bananas), or for the worshipping of god. For that, we can’t have odd numbers, whatever we offer to the god should be in even numbers. Odd numbers is for eating. And you can’t remove one banana, it has to be even from the plant itself. Generally women who have the lowest income in the family are given the stalls. The mother chooses, even the husband won’t). Topics she talks about at market: family matters, ups and downs of business, friends she has not seen in years… At home we are not that open to speak openly. Here is open space, we openly discuss.