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Lebanon - Tripoli - Zaynab, 16-year-old, comes from Al-Khaldeeye, in Homs. She fled with her family three months ago, after the Army repeatedly knocked at her house to look for her father. A honour student, Zaynab was prevented to attend the lessons after some soldiers kidnapped, raped and killed some of her schoolmates in January. Despite the difficulties of living in Lebanon, she feels that victory for the revolutionaries is very close, and she is confident she will go back to Syria soon. "When it all started I expected it to be swift and quick, like in Egypt. But Assad is a hard head, and has powerful international allies", she explains. Zaynab is taking care of her father and her siblings who are all mentally disabled. When asked what is it that she misses the most from home, Zaynab replied: "The smell of Homs"